Montevideo Tres Cruces Bus Station Location de véhicules

Montevideo 11800

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Terminal Bus Tres Cruces, IN TERMINAL, Montevideo 11800, UY

+598 2408 8588

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The Rental Location it is situated inside the Terminal Bus at Terminal level. The Bus Terminal has 3 levels which are upper level; Shopping Mall. Level 2: Terminal level with all the transportation companies and the 3rd Level - Shipping Companies.

Upon the main entrance at the Terminal Level you will find a round area in which you will find the Rental location at your left side within 20 meters from the main entrance. Once the rental agreement is finished, the staff member will walk the customer to the parking lot which is located at the same level as the Rental location. The customer will exchange the parking ticket and drive the vehicle up to the upper level out of the parking lot.

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