Plenti is the rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another, all with a single card.


Earn 1 point per $1 spent on car rental rates with National. Additional fees and features not eligible.


Make sure you have your Plenti card number available when you pick up your rental. You may need to provide it at the time of pick-up even if you have provided it at the time of reservation.


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Terms and Conditions

Enterprise is a partner in the Plenti rewards program, participating through its Enterprise, Alamo and National brands. Your membership in Plenti is subject to the Plenti terms and conditions found at You must finish signing up with Plenti to become a Plenti member and to use your points. Additionally, using your Plenti membership at Enterprise, Alamo or National is subject to additional terms and conditions found at


Points can be earned at all Enterprise, Alamo and National locations in the United States and its territories. In order to earn points at Enterprise, Alamo or National, a Plenti member must provide their Plenti ID at the time of reservation. If you are picking up your rental at an Enterprise neighborhood location (e.g., not at an airport), you will need to provide your Plenti ID at the time of pick-up even if you have provided it at the time of reservation.


At Enterprise, Alamo and National locations, you can only earn Plenti points on the “time and mileage” portion of your car rental charges, which is determined by the duration of your rental and the distance traveled. You cannot earn Plenti points on other portions of your car rental charges, including fees for such things as additional drivers, optional equipment, protection products (including insurance), fuel service options, government tax surcharges, underage fees, drop fees, concession fees, airport fees, and one-way rental fees. Additionally, you may not earn Plenti points for rentals made at the following rates: employee, net tour rate, travel agent, group, wholesale (such as Priceline, Hotwire, Travelocity and Orbitz), package transportation crew or other special contract rate.


You can only earn loyalty rewards for one loyalty program per rental and one rental at any one time, and only one Plenti member can earn points on a particular rental. Points can only be earned for vehicles rented by a member for his or her own use and are limited to one rental at a time. Points can only be earned on transactions associated with a completed, continuous vehicle rental of any duration, including rentals which include the use of either a single vehicle for more than one day, or different vehicles on consecutive days in the same participating location (or city), whether or not the member checks his or her vehicle in and back out during the period.

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