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How do I change my name on my Emerald Club profile?


At National we value your security and privacy, that is why, when requesting a name change to your Emerald Club profile, we require that you fill out a new Master Rental Agreement form and submit proof of your legal name change. At this time, we accept the following items as legal documentation: 


  • Marriage license

  • Divorce decree

  • Document of legal name change from the courts

  • Once you have completed a new Master Rental Agreement and have one of the following documents, please fax both pieces of documentation to 1-918-401-8293. Please allow 2-3 days for your profile to be updated once you have faxed us the appropriate information.


    Click the link below for a downloadable version of National Car Rental's Master Rental Agreement


    National Car Rental's Master Rental Agreement - English


    National Car Rental's Master Rental Agreement - French

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