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How do I earn rental credits?


When you become a National Emerald Club Member, you can immediately start earning credits towards free rental days on qualifying rentals!


What is a Qualifying Rental?


  • A "qualifying rental" is defined as the number of vehicle rentals or the number of paid rental days that occured at a participating National Car Rental or Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand locations within each calendar year.

  • A qualifying rental does not include (and credits will not be issued) on the following type of rentals:

  • Rentals on rate plans for accounts that do not allow employees to participate in award programs; 

  • Rentals when a member chooses to receive mileage, credits or points for a frequent traveler program (such as, but not limited to, an airline frequent flyer or hotel points program);

  • Rentals used as an insurance, dealer, body shop, or fleet replacement; or

  • Rentals by employees of Enterprise Holdings, Inc. or its affiliates or subsidiaries, licensee and licensee employees booked under an employee discount rate;


How do I earn credits?


  • If your rental is 1 - 7 calendar days, you will be rewarded 1 credit

  • If your rental is 8 or more days, National rewards you even further by dividing your total rental days by 4. This means:

  • At 8 rental days you earn 2 credits

  • At 12 rental days you earn 3 credits


How can I redeem my free days?


  1. Log into your Emerald Club Profile (Click here to open the login screen in a new window)




  3. Click the 'Reservations' icon in the gray navigation bar




  5. After completing additional reservation information, select the 'Free Days' dropdown to choose the number of days you wish to redeem.




  7. Select the number of free days you would like to apply to your reservation. You can redeem up to 7 free days per reservation.




  9. Click the 'Start Reservation' button




  11. After your request has been submitted, you will receive the following confirmation message, 'You have successfully applied 1 FREEDAY coupon.'




  13. Once you have chosen a vehicle and made your additional options selections, you will be take to the 'Review & Reserve' page. Once there, you will see the savings you earnedon this rental by applying your free rental day coupons.




  15. To confirm this reservation, fill in any remaining fields, and then click 'Reserve'.




  17. At this point you will be taken to the 'Confirmation' page and have successfully booked your reservation.





    How long are points/rental credits valid?


    Rental credits do not expire. Once you earn enough credits for a free day, the free day is valid through December 31st of the following year.


    Can I earn Emerald Club rental and free day credits when renting at Enterprise?


    Yes, when renting at participating Enterprise locations using your Emerald Club membership number on the reservation/rental, you will receive credit toward your elevated tier and if you are earning rental credits toward fee days you will earn rental credit.


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